My name is George Saines. I'm an entrepreneur and geek. I grew up in southeastern Ohio, where my parents are teachers and environmentalists. Despite their best efforts, I grew up to be a sports car enthusiast and technophile.

I attended Oberlin College and graduated with degrees in Film and Economics. I frequently omit the former, even though I have a deep abiding love of film. 

I've started two companies, both in EdTech: Skritter teaches students of Chinese and Japanese how to better learn and remember their characters. I started the company with my best friends from Oberlin Nick Winter and Scott Erickson. I was involved in that company 2008-2013, at which point I took on an advising role as a board member. The same year, the three of us founded our second venture, CodeCombat (YC W14), which teaches kids computer programming. I stopped working on CodeCombat in January, 2015.  I've since worked at a startup called Lovely, where I was the lead PM for, which is the #1 multifamily rental listing service in the US. At Salesforce, I launched two new products, Salesforce IoT Thunder (2016) and IoT Explorer (2017).  I joined Facebook's ads team in 2018.

If you'd like to drop me a line you can do so at my personal email gsaines at No recruiting spam please!